How shopping small is different

How shopping small is different


Hello and thanks for coming back to read our second blog post. We are so grateful for your support. Hopefully, by now, it's clear that Salt and Branch is a value-driven small business. Our values include supporting small makers, buying handmade and made in the USA items, and working with businesses that engage in fair trade practices. We want to provide you with unique items that give attention to the smallest detail; not items that you could find in every store, whether brick and mortar or online. 

I completely understand the convenience of shopping from big box stores-- there is a huge selection of items always in stock to meet your every need. Each day, it seems that it gets easier to buy anything you want with 1 easy click. Don't get me wrong. In my personal life, I shop at these stores for the very same reason but I've been trying to be more purposeful with where I spend my money.

So why should you shop small? There are many reasons to shop small, but there is one I would like to highlight today. In a world run by a handful of large corporations, I believe that supporting small businesses helps grow communities; not only financially, but also with the added bonus of connecting neighbors and forging new relationships. Connection is essential for all of us. It is increasingly difficult to make connections in our fast paced, ever changing, high-tech world. In the process of starting Salt and Branch I have had the pleasure of connecting with several small business owners to select beautiful items to showcase in our shop. Through following them on social media, I've been learning about their creative processes as well as what their businesses stand for. I think knowing where your purchase comes from inherently makes buying that item more special. When you know the story behind the item it gives it meaning in a way you won't get from a major retailer. Seeing the differences in the items when they arrived has been an enjoyable process for me. For instance, each Beach House sign is a slightly different size. This is a result of the maker using reclaimed wood pieces. Exploring each piece and feeling the slight variations in the textures, ignited a feeling of excitement in me.

I'm very passionate about supporting small businesses and am excited to discover and connect with other makers. In an effort to help forge those connections, I will be spotlighting a Featured Maker on the blog starting in February so you can get to know the people who are making these beautiful items. Stay tuned for more info and sign up for our newsletter if you want to be in the know on all the latest. Follow us on social media:

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